See NO Evil

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See NO Evil

Magicians must have no fun when they’re a member of the audience. After all, entertainers are showman and they want to be up on stage practicing their craft. Instead, they are watching another magician and are unable to fully enjoy the “magic” of the show. They are constantly examining the act on stage to see what, if anything, could be improved.

It’s the same for people who organize, plan, or run a meeting or conference. They can see “behind the curtain” and are constantly looking for ways to improve every conference they attend. They can empathize and relate with the presentation as they’ve been in their shoes many times before – especially when it comes to the little things that can make a presentation really great, or really disjointed.

When a presentation is really great, all that attendees should see, hear, and absorb, is the intended message. But if there are multiple video presentations, things can quickly become disjointed and look unprofessional, especially when switching from one presentation to another as there is usually a transition from one slide deck to the next. The audience should never see this transition. Unfortunately, too often the audience will see the current PowerPoint file minimized, revealing the computer desktop, followed by a frantically searching mouse pointer, and then finally the population of the next slide show.

And to make it worse, think about this scenario – the presenter wants to use their personal laptop. Will the desktop background be congruent with the presenter’s message and brand? Or will the desktop background be a personal photo of their family or pet? And what if the projector “forgets” its settings when it briefly loses the video connection in order to switch computers? The audience now sees a blank or blue screen and you may have lost their attention. Conference goers are searching for enlightenment, engagement, and networking, not a lesson in how to mismanage a presentation.

AV companies, like Lucas Productions Audio Visual, can provide your setup with high definition seamless video switchers. These units can save your logo or message and automatically put it on the screen when no laptop is connected. This means you can connect, disconnect, and switch between files without the audience knowing. The transitions are smooth and professional. In addition to those benefits, the switcher maintains a constant signal to the projector or video wall which ensures a glitch free viewing experience.

The more transparent your AV, the better your brand and message are received. Make sure your attendees “see no evil” at your conference or presentation.